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Traces of Wind at @GalleriaContinua Beijing #798artzone here two works from 2021, Contando Estrellas and Ōṁ. As ShenQilan wrote “There is nothing but silence,
Only the wind seems to blow through.
On the island at the end of the world,
Only the starry sky and loneliness remain as new.

This is a long journey. Giovanni Ozzola has transformed Galleria Continua into an island, bringing the starry sky above the Canary Islands in Spain and the surface of the Atlantic Ocean to the gallery space. The viewers will find themselves immersed in the scenery, experiencing the sunrise and sunset on the Atlantic Island, feeling the winds of time blowing through life.”

My solo show "Búnkeres y Estrellas" at Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes de Santa Cruz de Tenerife is closing to the public on the 15th of December.

The show was organised on the occasion of @fotonoviembre.tfe, the international festival of photography of Tenerife, organised by @cabildotenerife in collaboration with @teatenerife, and for this edition directed and curated by Teresa Arozena (@shoottheclock).

I would like to thank everyone involved in the making of the exhibition and those who managed to see it. Just a few days before it closes to the public, so make sure you don't miss on the occasion if you haven't been able to see it yet!

More info is available at

Image: Giovanni Ozzola, White Image, 2004, Giclée Print on cotton paper, Dibond, frame 140 x 112cm #giovanniozzola #fotonoviembre #búnkeresyestrellas #tenerife #santacruzdetenerife #museomunicipaldebellasartestenerife #contemporaryart #photography

On the occasion of this year’s IN · SHANGHAI ARTFEST, I am thrilled to announce I will be participating in The Urban Adventure Spatial Art Exhibition opening this Friday 26 November 2021 at THE INLET, Shanghai.

Along with myself and 26 other artists from all over the world, the exhibition sees the participation of architects, designers, science fiction writers and experts from a wide variety of disciplines, presenting a potpourri of art pieces in a setting of Shanghai’s unique Shikumen (“Stone Gate”) buildings. As such, the exhibition does not only create an urban adventure of art, but also narrates the history and memories of Shanghai, offering visitors a journey through the passage of time embracing heritage of the past, fulfillment of the present and aspirations for the future.

The show is curated by Robin Wong and will stay open until March 31, 2022. Hope you’ll be able to see it!

Image: Giovanni Ozzola, Trino, 2019, Giclée Print on cotton paper, Dibond, frame, 150 x 216cm @artpioneerstudio #giovanniozzola #contemporaryart #shanghaiartfest #theurbanadventure #robinwong #shanghai #theinlet #artsfestival #newexhibition

Happy to announce I will be participating in the 4th edition of ART & SOLIDARITY – @associazioneartecontinua's non-profit charitable project – by donating one of my artworks to put up for auction that will help to fund and support the Tianzige Elementary School of the Guizhou province in China through its proceeds.

ART & SOLIDARITY was established in 2017 to help fund the Tianzige Elementary School through art. After the strenuous efforts of Associazione Arte Continua, the funds raised by the project has brought positive social impact and has attracted much attention and recognition from galleries, artists, and collectors in the industry. For this year's edition, Associazione Arte Continua and Tianzige Public-welfare will collaborate with 11 international galleries, 28 artists, and collectors.

Myself, and the others involved are together to uphold our initial faith in the "ART & SOLIDARITY" project, and to confirm our commitment to improve charity strength and giving art a central role in cities and the countryside.

Image: Giovanni Ozzola, A song with no end, 2021, Giclée print on cotton paper, Dibond, framed, museum glass, 130 x 90cm, charity 021 shanghai 2021. #giovanniozzola #associazioneartecontinua #artandsolidarity #tianzigeelementaryschool #guizhou #china #charity #contemporaryart #artauction

Non finisce né inizia il viaggio. Ne siamo dentro. In riposo. Sulla barca che va “nella luce che abbaglia” di un altro giorno che comincia, o che muore. Ci faremo indistinti nella grande luce, e non più soli.
Pier Luigi Tazzi

Introduzione in 10 paragrafi casuali, Giovanni Ozzola, 2004, GliOri

Scrolling through the photo library of my phone and coming across this one. Shot on July 20, 2021. Good memories.

#journal #viewfromthewindow #photography

This is "Contando estrellas", and it can be seen currently both at @galleriacontinua, San Gimignano and 166 ArtSpace, Shanghai.

I took this photograph of a starry sky during the lockdown period in 2020. An homage to Giotto, it's the result of the countless nights where I would find myself gazing at the night sky from the roof of my house to count the stars before my eyes one by one. Stars give our precise position on earth and the escape route to an unknown place. They are also a measure of time, days and phases, the direction to follow; a limitless horizon. And this is probably why I feel so attracted to them.

Image: Giovanni Ozzola, Contando estrellas, 2021, Giclée Print on cotton paper, Dibond, frame, 150 x 224 cm. #giovanniozzola #contandoestrellas #galleriacontinua #166artspace #sangimignano #shanghai #giotto #photography #contemporaryart

I am pleased to announce the opening of "I Didn't See You", my new solo exhibition at 166 Art Space, Shanghai, this Saturday, 30 October, from 3 – 7 pm.

"I Didn't See You" furthers the play on those dichotomies that have been a central part of my artistic practice. From my Bunker photographs series to the engraved propeller sculpture installation, the exhibition project is inspired by my continuous search for the Pillars of Hercules and seeks to transform the audience from observers to participants by asking them to gaze at the unknown while clinging to the last borders of civilization.

The exhibition will stay open for public viewing until February 28, 2022. More information about the opening times will be available on the project space's website.

Image: Giovanni Ozzola, where are you ?, 2021, Glicée print on cotton paper, passepartout, Dibond, framed, 150 x 224cm, On Consignment. #giovanniozzola #ididntseeyou #166artspace @ruff.andrew @galleriacontinua #shanghai #contemporaryart

It is with great excitement I announce I will be taking part in this year's edition of @fotonoviembre.tfe, the pioneering international photography biennale organised by @cabildotenerife in collaboration with @teatenerife, and for this edition directed and curated by Teresa Arozena (@shoottheclock).

Inaugurating in just over a few days on the 22nd of October, and staying open to the public until January 9th 2022, for the occasion I will be showing a curated selection of some of my works as part of two separate solo projects taking place in two different venues of the island.

Opening first at Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes de Santa Cruz de Tenerife on the 29th of October will be "Búnkeres y Estrellas", a special exhibition project featuring a direct dialogue between the local pictorial tradition of the museum's fine art collection and my artworks. The project will attempt to produce new dialogues and relationships between the old and new, the here and there. Following from the 6th of November and until the 19th of December 2021 at La Cámara Espacio Fotográfico will be "Añaza", an on-site installation proposal focusing on the photography series of the Añaza coastal area of Tenerife.

More information on the opening times is available through the festival's website and on its Instagram profile. I look forward to seeing you there!

Image: Giovanni Ozzola, Untitled – Through a Day – A Life #4, 2016, Giclée print on cotton paper, Dibond, framed, museum glass, 70 x 70 cm. #giovanniozzola #fotonoviembre #cabildodetenerife #tenerifeespaciodelasartes #teresaarozena #museomunicipaldebellasartestenerife #búnkeresyestrellas #lacámaraespaciofotografico #artbiennale #photography #contemporaryart #newproject

I’m glad to announce my participation in the collective exhibition “A view from London: perspectives on Italian Art” organized by the Embassy of Italy in London in collaboration with @galleriacontinua and several galleries participating in #FriezeLondon (13-17 October 2021). My work “Garage – sometimes you can see much more” (2009-2011) will be on view at the Embassy from October 14th, 2021. 1 Grosvernor Square W1K 4AE, London.

Video: Giovanni Ozzola, “Garage – sometimes you can see much more”, 2009-2011. Audio, video, colour, 1’ 17” [excerpt] #giovanniozzola #galleriacontinua @friezeofficial @italianembassyinuk

The work before the artwork.

#journal #photography #contemporaryart